Dr. Nurul Lubis

Hi, I'm Nunu, a researcher in dialogue systems, affective computing, and natural language processing.

My research centers around creating an intelligent Human-Computer Interaction that is adaptive and affect-sensitive.

I'm currently working as postdoctoral researcher with Milica Gašić at Dialog Systems and Machine Learning Group at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany. I'm particularly interested in optimizing dialogue policies for task-oriented systems using reinforcement learning methods without any predefined action space.

In the past I focused on empathetic dialogue and emotion elicitation in chat-based dialogue systems. During my master's and Ph.D. my supervisors were Satoshi Nakamura, Sakriani Sakti, and Koichiro Yoshino. I have also worked with Graham Neubig, Randy Gomez, Dessi Lestari, and Ayu Purwarianti.

Recent Talks



Dialogue Evaluation with Offline RL



LAVA: Latent action spaces via variational auto-encoding


HHU Seminar

Dialogue Policy for Task-Oriented Systems

Get in touch at lubis [at] hhu [dot] de

Universitätsstr. 1 Gebäude, Düsseldorf, Germany 40225